Broads Holidays

A broads holiday is:

“A holiday cruise along the rivers and broads of Norfolk and Suffolk open out a country that in many respects has no counterpart in the British Isles. There are, of course , other English waterways – notably the Thames – where river excursions may be enjoyed for in succession amid delightful scenery teeming with interesting associations; but nothing can be found to vie with the Broads district in its two hundred miles of navigable waters, its ever-changing aspects of scenery and its succession of lakes. ”

The Broads – Ward Lock 1922


The Broads have long been a prime destination for those seeking beauty, nature but also the best in modern comforts and holidays.

With the centre of Horning just a few minutes walk away from Bittern, you can easily reach local amenities to cover your every day needs.

A ten minute drive or short boat trip will bring you to the capital of the broads , Wroxham.  Wroxham has everything from the Roys’ famous stores to Wroxham’s busy boatyards.

Going slightly further is the ‘fine city’ of Norwich. With its sites such as the historic Castle, Catherdral and the picturesque Elm Hill , Norwich  is a must for any visitor to the area.

If its seaside fun you are after then Great Yarmouth , is 25 minute drive away – with its long beaches, sea front and nightlife , it is one of the main seaside resorts on the east coast of England.

All the above towns and cities can easily be reached by car or alternatively explore all via the broads and rivers directly starting from the water front of Bittern.

Local Events and Tourist Attractions

The Norfolk Broads are full of attractions and highlights for all tastes. Find out more by looking at the official visitors web site for the broads area.